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Frequently asked finance & mortgage broking questions


Mobile Mortgage Lenders has 12 years' experience in finance and mortgage broking. Our founder Melinda also has 12 years' experience in real estate, solidifying our place as experts in mortgages and home loans.

Here, we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions about finance and loans.

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customer FAQ for covid-19


I continue to be providing home loan consultations while maintaining the social distancing guidelines. I have implemented telephone conference or Zoom consultations if you would prefer not to meet in person.

I am available to face to face appointments evenings and weekend appointments are also available I am a commissioner for declarations so I can witness your mortgage documents.

Some general information in relation to the current situation for COVID-19

If you're considering what to do in this current situation about your home loan you may need to prepare for any challenges that may arise.

  • You could consider speaking with me to review your home loan or I may be able to assess a better loan option or structure for you.

  • Reducing home loan repayments to the minimum amount.

  • Consider using your redraw to repay your home loan

  • You may be able to switch to another loan with a lower rate

  • Switch from principal and interest to an interest-only loan.
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